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Living Life with a Disability

It’s been some time since I’ve written anything here, but a few days ago was the 12th anniversary of becoming physically disabled and I felt compelled to write a few comments here.

When your body starts to break down, but your brain keeps working as usual, you really spend a lot of time “stewing” about things. A lot of what I’m going to say here are naturally just generalizations, but I feel most are accurate and apply to people that are in constant pain with any disability.

Most people that can’t work want nothing more than to do so because that is what normal people do. Being a man and not being able to work is so depressing that you begin to feel useless and unnecessary. For 12 years, I’ve had people make jokes about me not having to work and basically being lazy. I’ve even had someone I care about very much, refer to me as “a friend without benefits”.  I spend every day of my life trying to do what needs to be done, regardless of any pain I might be in. Not because I owe anyone, but because it makes me feel useful.

People with disabilities don’t want your sympathy or charity, they want your understanding. Don’t assume we don’t want to work because we generally work hard just to function normally and not to appear “disabled”. I play 5 different sports regularly, not because I feel wonderful, but by pushing my body as far as I can it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something that most people do without thinking about. It makes me feel normal.

I have lived on pain meds every day for the past 12 years but the one thing that makes it acceptable for me is that no matter how bad it gets, there are thousands of people that have it much worse and that I should be thankful.

It wasn’t that many years ago that I couldn’t walk across a room without a cane, but because of hard work I can now function as close to normal that I can ever expect to be. But what causes more pain than I could ever experience in my body are the opinions and views of some close minded people. If you hate your job, do something about it…don’t take it out on someone that would do almost anything to be in your position.

I’m pretty sure if you suffered with pain every day, as well as depression and frustration, your 9-5 job would seem much easier to cope with.

Forgive me if this sounds like a rant, but I think it’s important. The way you treat anyone with a disability goes a long way to making their lives more bearable. Happy heads and hearts and finding a reason to smile will go a long way to making pain disappear. I feel you would have a hard time finding a person with a disability that wants special treatment in any way…but treating them as an equal and another human being can go so far in making them feel like they really DO have a purpose on this magnificent earth and that life really IS worth living…

That’s all for now…


Getting Old Can Really Suck!

I’ve spoken many times about my love for playing sports simply due to the fact that the activity has not only helped me drop a few pounds and stay relatively fit, but it has also given me a reason for opening my eyes each morning.

What I haven’t talked about too much is the fact that I have been physically disabled for 12 years now. I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back which has resulted in a LOT of soft tissue damage. This damage has resulted in my pelvis tilting forward thereby causing both sacroiliacs (where your leg bone joins your pelvis) to become badly damaged as well. Not to mention that I have no thyroid gland and I’ve already had surgery on one kidney.

The joys of aging. I currently take medication each day for thyroid, kidney, blood pressure, cholesterol and pain. I managed the pain each day with percocet for 12 years, but when the dosage kept slowly increasing, I recently switched to morphine. About 8 years ago, I couldn’t walk without the use of a cane.

Now, at 57 years of age, I’ve managed to deal with most issues and the sporting activities that I try to stay involved with has helped greatly. It didn’t come quickly though. I started walking short distances without the cane. I worked at it continuously until I was able to try playing golf on a small pitch n’ putt course. I refused to give up and always tried to learn to manage the pain, instead of over-medicating. I moved up to full sized courses (always walking, never using a cart) and quickly learned to appreciate the advantages of having fun while exercising.


Unfortunately, about 2 years ago I noticed that the lateral swing in golf was really aggravating my back so I had to give it up. This was when I joined the Huff n’ Puff Seniors Fitness Association. My original intention was to play slo-pitch baseball. Sure, baseball also has a lateral swing with the bat, but in the course of a game, you might swing 5 or 6 times, opposed to golf with perhaps 100 swings.

For two years, I have loved playing ball without too much difficulty or pain. Occasionally after a swing and a miss, I’ve been known to grimace, but that pain is not lasting. Baseball runs from May to September and the first year I played, I did nothing all winter. When May rolled around again, it was tough starting up again. I decided last year to add a winter sport to stay active, so I chose Volleyball. The continuous activity made me feel much better and I found that I could do more while still avoiding a lot of pain. You really have to continue to push yourself to see what you can do. Last winter I also added squash and badminton to volleyball twice a week and I feel good. In an effort to continue to push myself, I bought a bicycle this year so I can ride it to the events (9 kms each way).

Getting old can really suck. But it’s how you triumph over the difficulties that can change the quality of your life. It’s how you look for the positives and refuse to dwell on the negatives. Sure, I suffer from a lot of pain each day, but it’s because I refuse to limit myself to what I can do. I deal with the pain afterwards. The biggest disability one can have is a brain that tells you that you can’t do something. Your friends will worry and tell you to take it easy, out of concern. You are the only one that can judge what your body can do and it will surprise you.

For example..last Friday my stepdaughter told me her co-ed baseball team was short men. She had already included me as a spare so I told her I would gladly fill in for the two games. The night started off beautiful, perfect for baseball. I might have tried extra hard so as not to embarrass my stepdaughter in front of her peers. The first game went very well. I went 2 for 3 with a walk and we ended up winning the game. By the time game #2 started, the wind and picked up and the temperature had dropped dramatically. Since I play in the daytime, this was something I had not considered. I got a base hit and as I ran to first base, I felt my right sacroiliac flare up. I should have asked for a pinch runner, but instead I tried to stretch it out and continue. After the next hit, I was running to second base and the pain increased terribly. Naturally, I was out at second and as I was walking back to the dugout, I felt my right knee giving out as I tried to put my weight on it. I think it was a combination of the cold and trying to compete with kids 25 years my junior, I really aggravated an already damaged problem.

So, in a case like this, what do you do? I lay in bed that night with a heating pad across my hip, wondering if the pain would ever ease up. Unfortunately, when I got up the next morning, the pain was even worse. Walking was difficult and stairs were next to impossible. It would be easy to say, “That’s it with sports for me, I’m afraid I’ll damage something”. But instead, I limped outside and cut the grass. Sure, it was painful, but it benefited me both mentally and physically. It showed me that even when I’m hurting, I am still able to get it done.

I’m happy to say that today (Monday), I am feeling much better. I have a slight twinge on my right side, but I’m sure I’ll be ready for baseball tomorrow. I play sports with seniors all the time. I’ve seen more braces, bandages and pills regularly than most will ever see. But they still “get it done”. I have so much admiration for these people that have more reason NOT to be active than they do to try, but they still get out and keep their bodies moving.

Getting old can really suck. But given the alternative, I’ll take it.

Until next time…


The Bat Woke Up!

I’ve mentioned several times in the past my love of Huff n’ Puff Sports (seniors).  I went out today to play a bit of baseball as I do every Tuesday and Thursday. Our team hasn’t been doing so well so far this year as we’ve lost our first two games, but it’s still fun. I got off to a slow start at the plate this year. I haven’t been hitting the ball well and I’m getting a lot of ground outs. I just can’t seem to make good contact with the ball.


Well, we got to the diamond to play today and the other team we were playing were short a few men. We had 12 members on our team and our competitors only had 9. Since we play for enjoyment and exercise, we will often send a player over to the other team to even things up. The Captain of our team volunteered me. I’m sure he was well aware that I hadn’t been playing well and was aiming for his first win without me…lol.

Needless to say, my bat woke up today. I guess I just needed a few games to get my stroke going again. I went 3 for 4, hitting 2 doubles, a single and a sacrifice fly. I ended up driving in 5 runs in a game that ended up with a score of 13-11 for us…lol.

I remember one glorious moment as I rounded second, hearing my Captain yelling at me “Why don’t you hit like that when you play for us!!!???” lol.

The camaraderie is great fun playing baseball, but there was an extra little bonus in getting my first win, before my actual team got theirs…lol

Until next time…


The Scary Secrets of Freemasonry!

I had a discussion with a friend of mine on Facebook today about Freemasonry. He displayed a photo of a beautifully crafted tool chest that displayed the square and compasses, the symbol for Freemasonry (see below).


Note the square and compasses with the “G” in the middle left of the center divider about 2/3 of the way down. Obviously, the man who created this beautiful case was also a freemason.

My friend commented that he didn’t trust Freemasons because they are so secretive.


I have, of course read all the articles about Freemasons being linked to the Illuminati and even Adolph Hitler. It would seem that most people think “secret organizations” must be evil.

First, let me say that Freemasonry is not a “secret organization”, it’s an organization with secrets…and there is a very real difference. I speak from experience. I am not only a Freemason, but I am also a Past Master of my lodge. I was Master of the lodge for 2 years in a row. I am not actively involved in Freemasonry anymore, but I will always be a Freemason.

The ceremonies and degrees in Freemasonry have basically not changed in hundreds and hundreds of years. Sure, we have “secret” handshakes and phrases, but that’s only so we can recognize other masons. Most freemasons will happily tell you what the Masonic order is all about if you ask. Most people seem to think it’s a real scary thing alluding to all kinds of evil, so they hesitate to question it. People will think what they want…but I am going to tell you what Freemasonry stands for right now.

Quite simply, Freemasonry takes the working tools of the normal mason, and find ways to apply them to our lives. It teaches men the importance of justness and uprightness in life. It encourages morality and ways to treat your fellow man as brothers, not foes. I’m sure you’ve heard the expressions like “are you being square with me” or “are you on the level”? The level and square are tools of the mason. These expressions come from Freemasonry.

The 3 main degrees in Freemasonry represent our birth, our life and our death. Each degree teaches important lessons on the importance of each of those stages. It teaches us to treat our fellow man with love and compassion. There’s nothing secretive about that.

I’ve even heard that Freemasonry is associated with the occult and/or devil worship. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, if you don’t believe in the existence of God, the Great Architect of the Universe, you cannot join any lodge of Freemasonry. I’m sure you have seen the symbol of the “All Seeing Eye” on the back of any American one dollar bill. The “all seeing eye” represents God, the Most High. Now don’t think Freemasonry is all about religion because it’s not. It demonstrates wonderful history and architecture.

It implores us to be good and honest. To quite simply, be better human beings. I must admit though, that I have witnessed a down side. There are bad apples in any group of people and Freemasonry is no different. I’ve witnessed people use Freemasonry to their own benefit. Many high profile people are also Freemasons. Judges, lawyers, police officers, civil servants etc. There was a time, not really that long ago, that people could flash a masonic ring, or give a handshake to get out of a speeding ticket or use their affiliation with the lodge to benefit themselves somehow. I’m sure it still happens occasionally, but times are a changing. The best example I can give was a man facing a judge tried to escape the charge by flashing a Masonic sign to the judge. The judge quietly scolded the man by saying, “if you’re a freemason, you should have known better than to do what you did”.  That is what Freemasonry is about. Being “on the level” with your fellow man. Trying to help all men, not just other masons. The Golden Rule states: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This simple rule is basically the foundation of Freemasonry.

It’s not scary. It’s not evil. It reinforces the idea that being a good person and caring about others is still important. Don’t be afraid to ask a Freemason what it’s all about. He won’t try to brainwash you or recruit you. He tell you the simple truth. Just as I have.

Until next time…


As Charlie would say: “WINNING”

No, I’m not writing about Charlie Sheen. I’m writing about the difference between winning and losing.

When I first joined the senior fitness association Huff n’ Puff, I wanted to get some exercise that would be fun, and it certainly is. A couple of weeks ago, off the badminton courts, I spoke to a lady who told me “it doesn’t matter if we win or lose, we are having fun and staying fit”. I told her that she was wrong. Any sport or activity or game we play, we play to WIN. There’s no point in competing at any level if winning isn’t the end goal. That’s why we have games. There has to be a winner and a loser and winning is better. The difference between the two is how you behave if you end up on the losing end. If you stomp your feet, throw down your raquet and refuse to shake hands with the winner, you are a bad loser and a poor, infantile representative to any game or sport. If you are gracious and congratulatory to your victors and then put the losing game out of your head and go on to the next with the same winning attitude, then you are already a winner!

I was playing doubles badminton last week and we were losing badly. I believe the score was 20-7. My partner said to me, “we have to get to the double digits (10) at least”! I simply replied, “I don’t know about you, but I’m aiming for 21″! When you are losing and playing hard, the adrenaline kicks in, the sweat starts flowing, your perception is more acute and you play harder. Obviously, we lost this game, but we lost 21-14. That means we scored 7 points before our competitors could score 1.  By playing to win, it gave our competitors more satisfaction in their victory by defeating us. Nobody really enjoys winning a game by a 15 point margin. If victory comes too easy, it feels like you really didn’t play. Close games are simply the best in so many ways. It makes you appreciate the talent and drive of your competitors, for one.

Squash is a very difficult and taxing game. When I first joined to play, I was playing guys that had played for years. Beating me in a game was easy for them. I didn’t play with them with the intention of winning a game, but I played with the intention of winning every single point I got. If I got 3 points in one game, I’d try for 4 in the next. After one season, I still lose a lot of games, but I win occasionally and that means I’ve improved. It means I’m providing a better, more competitive game for my opposition. Not only do I respect myself more, I am gaining respect from the people I play.

I don’t care if you’re playing monopoly or baseball, you have to play to win. There can only be one winner, and it’s better if it’s you. Just remember that if it’s not, be gracious and congratulatory because obviously someone else wants to win as much as you do. That’s what makes competition so wonderful. When your mind and body are racing, trying to figure out what you need to do to win a game, you’re not thinking about how much weight you need to lose, or how much pain you’re in…you’re focused on what you need to do to get through that game as a victor. You’re burning calories and getting fit without noticing. You’re surprised when you step on the scales the next morning, because all you did was enjoy a healthy competition.

Being disabled, I’m always in a LOT of pain the day after my sports day. At times, I can barely walk. But when I step on that court to play and the adrenaline kicks in, my mind and body concentrates on one thing…winning. I’ve met so many wonderful new friends at the Huff n’ Puff, but the social chat time happens off the court between games. When you step on the court to play a game, you should have one thing on your mind and that is what you need to do to defeat your opponent. I can talk to my best friend off the court…we can chat, hug, talk about anything…but when I get him on the court, all I want to do is defeat him! After the game, we are best friends again, but for 10 minutes, the only thing that matters is who gets to 21 first. We can chat again later, but if you don’t play to win, there’s no point in playing.

The only thing worse than losing, is giving up. I’ve seen people losing in a game just basically give up and try to finish fast so they can get on to the next game. Or even worse, start blaming their partner for everything. If you play hard and smart, you can almost carry your partner by backing them, instead of blaming them. I remember another day playing doubles badminton, that we were losing 20-14. We didn’t give up, we played hard and eventually won that game 24-22 (you have to win by 2 points). Winning a game like that feels wonderful! I very much respect the people we beat because of the hard fought battle, but like I said before…winning is better.

So, in my opinion, if you play any sport for exercise, to burn calories or just to stay fit, PLAY TO WIN! Play hard and make no excuses. Be gracious in losing, but if you don’t intend to win, there’s no point in playing. Losing weight and getting fit will come, probably without you even noticing, and that makes for a nice bonus. But if you don’t give 100% of your efforts with the attempt to win, you shouldn’t be playing a game of any kind. That is why we have competition. One winner…it should be YOU…or actually, ME…lol

Until next time,


The Dark Side of Politics

People say that if you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain about who gets elected. This is true…in a way…but when you think you have no honorable choice in an election, I simply refuse to support any of my choices. There is a reason I don’t like talking about politics. When people like Rob Ford represent us throughout the world, it’s embarrassing and humiliating. When our “leader” becomes the fodder of every late night talk show it sheds a ridiculous light on the city I’m proud to come from.

And now, with an election on the horizon, he decides to try to collect sympathy votes by going to rehab?


If you have witnessed any of his disgusting, derogatory videos, PLEASE know that this man might represent Toronto, but he DOES NOT represent true Torontonians! We love our city…we love our Blue Jays…some of us even love our Maple Leafs…lol.

I used to think voting was an honor and a choice given to a democratic society. In the past 30 years, no matter where I have lived (coast to coast) every elected politician has been involved in a dirty scandal.  None of which has anything to do with the city but simply an effort for them to line their own pockets while in office.

Just watch the mud slinging on tv now as an election approaches. Nobody talks about what they want to do to benefit a city, province or country  anymore. All they talk about is the bad things their opponents are doing. They use cropped and edited statements from their opponents to try to change the opinions of voters and steal their votes. I was furious to see a recent Conservative ad showing Justin Trudeau (Liberal) walking down a fashion runway, removing his shirt. They tried to make him look flippant and irresponsible. What they didn’t mention was he was doing that for a charity event.

And speaking of Trudeau, I remember how controversial his father was. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was one of a kind. He took no crap. If someone pissed him off, he gave them the finger (several times while photographers snapped pics). Today he is a cultural icon because he cared about this country. He was “liberal” in every sense of the word, but he got the job done for the greater good. Nobody had ever witnessed such disregard for tradition, but he always had sight on the big picture…and we now see how far ahead of his time he was…

We are inundated with news items of politicians doing selfish things. Lying, cheating, stealing, committing adultery etc. It’s a tough job and you are under a microscope constantly. Let’s take a quick look at Obama in the USA. People either love him or hate him, but it’s because of his political views or actions. His popularity rating has dropped mainly due to Obamacare. Angry or not, US citizens are definitely in need of affordable health care. Whether Obamacare works or not, he is making a genuine effort that could benefit the people of his country. If he fails, he will fail because of his political attempts to better the country. Not because he’s smoking crack in his sister’s basement. From all appearances, his personal and family life actually appear “normal” .

Give me a politician that tells me honestly how he will represent me and my city. Someone who actually cares about the responsibility of his elected office. Someone that might make wrong choices in office regarding that city, but whose true intentions are to benefit that city in the long run. And someone whose popularity is due to what he/she can do and not what his opponents can’t do. Show me that and I just might vote again…

Baby steps…maybe we should start with a politician that doesn’t smoke crack or go on random drunken rages, spewing profanities about his female opposition. I’m tired of being associated with this man (and his brother for that matter). Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a beautiful city filled with wonderfully diverse cultures. I can’t speak for everyone, obviously, but I think most Torontonians are tired of being represented in this light. We accept mistakes but don’t take us for fools either. We might forgive when it’s needed, but we know when enough is enough.

Until next time…


Huff n’ Puff Sports

It’s that time of year again! Warmer weather means baseball and we start on May 6th. That does however mean the end of Squash and Volleyball which were both great winter pastimes. Next Tuesday will be the last day for Volleyball until next October and I feel I’ve come such a long way! I’ve lost 23 lbs and thanks to squash and badminton, my mobility has improved so much!

I was also pleasantly surprised last week to be told that I was the most improved player in Volleyball! As much as I play for a fun time, I have a certain amount of competitiveness in me, so it made me feel very good to hear this. Just another of life’s little victories…baby steps, as they say.

Now baseball is starting up and I can’t wait…it’s always been my favorite sport. A year and a half ago, I would play for an hour and a half and I’d be so shaky from the pain, I could hardly drive home. Now I’ll be playing Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and sparing for my step-daughter’s team on Friday nights. For her to even ask me to spare was not only a shock, but a huge honor…it made me feel awesome!

Now, on my baseball days, I should be able to squeeze in an hour of badminton after and I’m thinking about throwing tennis into the mix as well. The Huff n’ Puff has been very good to me, both physically and mentally. Exercise can be easy if it’s fun and exciting, not to mention the great friends I’ve made.

And just as a side note, I will also be taking over the Huff n’ Puff website. My goal is to make it more user friendly and get it more involved with social networking, like Facebook and Twitter. I’ll keep you updated on its progress.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day today, so I’m off to get the BBQ ready…have a great weekend everyone!

Until next time…


It’s All About Respect!

It’s not that easy to shock me, but when I hear the way kids these days speak to their parents, or any elder for that reason, I am truly irritated! Where is the respect?

When I hear kids tell their parents to “f*** off and leave me alone”, it makes me realize that if I had kids these days, I’d probably be in jail for beating the crap out of them. At 57 years of age, I still refer to anyone older than me as “sir” or “ma’am” until they tell me to call them something different. It’s simply a matter of respect. Something that is lacking in most kids these days.

I remember once as an impatient child wanting to go to the beach, I told my dad to “hurry up”. In about one second I had one of his calloused and knarled fingers in my face and the ominous and threatening words “don’t you EVER tell me to hurry up” ringing in my ears. I never told him to “hurry up” again…

When I hear kids, living under their parents roof, paying nothing and being completely supported by their parents, being so disrespectful, cursing and being so disrespectful, it makes me want to slap them myself!

I was never beaten as a youngster, but I learned to respect my elders…perhaps out of fear, which by the way, can be a very healthy tool in raising children. Parents, these days, seem to fear repercussions from their kids if they do anything wrong. And kids are well aware of it. To me, this is backwards…kids need to know that their parents are taking care of them, under their roof…and there will be rules as long as they live under that roof.

I was 16 years old in my final year of high school and I had a part time job at a convenience store. As soon as I started working, I paid room and board to my parents. When I bought my first car, (with my own money), my parents gave me the option of going under their insurance or going on my own (which was much more expensive as a new driver). I chose to go on my own because it was the responsible thing to do…

We are raising a generation of leeches that expect everything handed to them on a silver platter, whether they’ve earned it or not. And they have a tantrum if they don’t get what they want. In other words, we are raising a generation of two year olds…

Of course, I am generalizing here as not all kids are bad…but the ones that have been raised to be respectful and courteous seem to stand out like a sore thumb because so many are ridiculously bad. We live in a time when kids know they can’t be disciplined or even spanked. How can you teach a child right from wrong when all you can do is scold them or give them “quiet time”?? We need a bit more of the old school punishment where not only would a bad child get a licking with a switch, he was actually sent out back to choose the switch that was going to be used! That was the only “quiet time” they got, but believe me, there was a lot more reflecting done on what he/she did wrong before the actual punishment.

When I grew up, if I EVER heard a child tell their parent to “f*** off”, my only thought would be, “oh man, that poor kid is gonna die!”.  It’s commonplace these days…and parents can say, “where did we go wrong?”…but it should be obvious.


Until next time…




Reality Tv…Really???

Before I get into this, I have something very important to say. I created this blog simply for a place to write down my thoughts and feelings. As much as I love the kind words and comments from readers, this blog is still a comforting and therapeutic way to get things off my chest. It is NOT a place to copy links for businesses and other commercial ventures. I don’t want to hear about SEO workshops, luggage or women’s shoes. Since I approve any comments before posting, you are wasting your time trying to get a “commercial” on this page. I’m not interested and I’m sure my readers aren’t interested in seeing commercials either. Don’t waste our time by trying to post a link to any commercial site that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. IT WILL NOT BE VIEWED BY ANYONE!

Now then, speaking of commercials, it brings me to the topic of the day. Television, more specifically “reality tv”. I must confess that I DO enjoy some competition shows like Survivor, American Idol and The Voice. They are based on talent and I find them entertaining. However, has our level of intelligence dropped so dramatically that we now are entertained by shows like Honey Boo, The Bachelor and (OMG) The Kardashians??  I mean, The Kardashians??? People who gain incredible fame and fortune by starting out with a sex tape? Do we REALLY care about the everyday lives of these so-called celebrities?  We have always been fascinated by how celebrities live and we live vicariously through them at times. But it used to be movie stars, politicians etc…people that actually worked for a living.

I could care less what any of the Kardashians had for lunch but as far as entertainment value, they do little more. If any of these folks got a blister from actual work, they’d have to spend 6 weeks in a private suite of the nearest hospital. I just don’t get where we find the entertainment in watching this.

Don’t get me started on The Bachelor. Every season is the same. After a few short weeks of glorious “dates” that the bachelor had nothing to do with, everyone starts professing their undying love and devotion. I can honestly say that I would not give a women a second look after she had just played “tonsil hockey” with 25 other men. They take turns in the hot tub so often, I’m surprised they don’t all look like California Raisins. And then, after breaking the hearts (gasp) of twenty or so women, it finally comes down to the final two. One gets sent packing in tears (lol) and the other gets a ring (which yet again was not purchased by the Bachelor). And then for some reason, they never get married and usually split a short time after the show airs. If we watch this crap, it’s no wonder that 50% of marriages these days end in divorce!

Have our values really sunk so low that we need to watch misfortune in others in order to be entertained? Would I be a celebrity if I moved to the Jersey Shore, drank to excess, slept around and got into random fights at every opportunity? I suppose I’d also have to abort the English language and invent words that only a gorilla would comprehend.

Let’s face it, folks…reality tv is as far from reality as you can get. It’s making celebrities out of buffoons and it’s dumbing us down at an alarming rate. Have you ever met a REAL housewife that dresses in a ball gown for lunch, drinks herself into a stupor, then picks a fistfight with her “girlfriend”. I’m surprised that they have the nerve to even include the word “real” in the title of this franchise of very popular shows. It’s a travesty and a genuine insult to our intelligence.

I know what you’re thinking..we watch these shows to make our own lives more “normal” and fulfilling. Well, instead of wasting your time watching crap like this, work on whatever you have to do to make your life better. I feel these idiotic shows are sucking out our brain cells and it actually scares me to see how much people are addicted to these shows, especially young people. If people believe for one second that this is normal behavior, the future of our world looks pretty grim.

These opinions are mine but I welcome your comments and feelings.

Who knows, I might just give you the final rose so we can go on a fantasy date and then get married? lol

Until next time!



The Rights of the Incarcerated

Firstly, let me say that I’m all for human rights…equally. However, I watched a story on the news this morning that struck a nerve. It was about a new program being implemented to provide transport for wives and children to visit incarcerated prisoners.  It focused primarily on the children and how beneficial it was for the prisoners to see their kids and even how unlikely it would be for them to re-offend because of these visits. The program, FEAT, is currently a non profit society but I can’t help but believe that if someone feels it’s worthwhile that it could implemented everywhere at a cost to the tax payer. Someone has to pay for buses, drivers, fuel, handlers and paperwork.

It also showed a small child that had visited his dad in prison and they asked him how it was. The young child, possibly 7 or 8 yrs old was obviously quite withdrawn, staring down at the floor, simply answered, “not very nice”.

This is what disturbs me the most. Young children should not have to experience prison because of an adult’s misguided judgement or mistake. Every child needs their parent, but they don’t need to experience incarcerated life at such a young age, especially since the only one that benefits is the prisoner.

The reason people are put in prison is to keep them away from society, from the life they had before. Once we concern ourselves with the rights of the convict above the rights of the victims, we have failed. I’m sure the parents of a murdered child would love to visit their own child again. Why do we concern ourselves more for the people that took that life than the ones that lost it? And what about the long term effects of the child that has to visit a prison to see their parent? If a young child is troubled and needs to talk about something, are they more likely to sit down and talk to an adult or a chum at school? Kids at school can be brutal and that leads to constant name calling and bullying.

It sickens me that people like Charles Manson have become celebrities and almost God-like in the eyes of fame seekers because of the heinous crimes against humanity that they have committed. We have become so obsessed with making sure that convicts have all their due rights, that we have forgotten about the silent victims. The reason convicts re-offend is because they can’t handle life with responsibility. Life with rules and consequences. They would rather spend time behind bars where everything is structured already and where most things are done for them.

To my mind, when you commit a crime and begin a period behind bars (no matter how long), you are no longer part of a law abiding society, the same society that created the laws and rights. You give up everything including those rights.

Not everyone will agree, but that is the point of writing my feelings in a blog. I appreciate your comments and welcome discussions on any of my opinions. If you would like to view the news feature on FEAT, you can view it here: 


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